Star Pen Electronic Anesthesia Delivery Syringe System

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The Star Pen from Woodpecker is an efficient and affordable electronic anesthesia delivery syringe system to increase patient comfort during dental injections. Compared with manual, or conventional dental syringe, injections the Star Pen utilizes an intelligent algorithm control with automatic pressure feedback technology to deliver more comfortable injections for your patients. The delivery method is consistent every time at the optimal injection speed to eliminate patient pain.
Compare today to others on the market for thousands more. This system is smart, affordable and clinically effective that patients will love you for.
Features & Benefits
Pen Style Ergonomic and lightweight design for ease of use and hold;
Compatible with the needle of your choice -  Works with all standard anesthetic cartridges and dental needles;
No proprietary consumables - no new running costs for use. The cartridge holders are autoclaveable and will last up to 1,000 cycles per testing. Product comes with six (6) hodlers to start;
Cordless and battery-operated without a foot pedal or console to control;
6 Total Injection Speeds! There are 3 speeds withing the low setting and 3 speeds withing the high setting for a total of 6 speeds. Allows for better management of your injections;
2 modes (auto aspiration and manual aspiration); and
No special training needed. Intuitive one button aspiration is easy to set your desired injection preferences.

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