Physics Forceps GMX 400 Molar Series Set

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  • Instructional Training DVD
  • 12 Bumper Guards
  • GMX 400 EZ1 Instrument
  • GMX 400 EZ2 Instrument

U.S. Patent No. 6.910.890
U.S. and International Patents Pending


The Physics Forceps® is recognized as one of the most efficient, easy-to-use dental extraction instruments to enter the market. Golden Dental Solutions performed extensive clinical testing on these instruments and listened to its customers feedback, to design a clinically effective instrument specifically designed for the extraction of molars. Even difficult extraction are simplified and improved through the use of two innovative instruments: the ez1 and ez2, along with the patented beak & bumper® technique. With an innovative handle and beak design, the GMX 400 molar series improves access to teeth located at the posterior area of the mouth additionally, extractions of severely decayed teeth on the lingual aspect are easier due to the ability of the placement of the bumper on the lingual or buccal side (i.e., to use them in reverse)

The GMX 400 Molar Series wonderfully complements the Physics Forceps GMX 100/200 Standard Series for the extraction of both lower and upper molars. Give your hands a break and your patients peace of mind when you incorporate the Physics Forceps into your standard of care.

Instruments in this package may be utilized as follows:

  • EZ1-Bumper on Buccal (lower right & upper left)
  • EZ1-Bumper on Lingual (lower left & upper right)
  • EZ2-Bumper on Buccal (lower left & upper right)
  • EZ2-Bumper on Lingual (lower right & upper left)

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