EpiGuide Synthetic and CollaGuide™

EpiGuide Synthetic

EpiGuide Synthetic - EpiGuide Synthetic Box
EpiGuide® is a uniquely structured bioresorbable polyactide (PLA) membrane designed to be used in many applications within guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures.

The patented barrier matrix is characterized by its unique three-dimensional architecture. The innovative structure is easily recognizable in the cross section: The inner layer, featuring large and closed pores, transforms into a chamber-like structure in the intermediate layer and then into the highly porous outer layer, also featuring large pores.
EpiGuide Synthetic - EpiGuide Synthetic Layer
  • Layer 1: Gingival Interface
    Numerous voids and intercommunicating pathways enhance fibroblast infiltration and cell attachment.
  • Layer 2: Inner Surface
    Inner labyrinth creates pathways, while internal chambers enable collateral circulation and flow of intersititial fluid in the membrane.
  • Layer 3: Defect Interface
    Optical porosity supports the uptake of fluid, helps adherence to the tooth surface, and inhibits fibroblast movement.

The structure and integrity of EpiGuide are maintained for more than six weeks after implantation. Full resorption is completed within six to twelve months.
Item Size Description
GO-MEMEPI 18mm x 30mm Epi-Guide PLA Membrane

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CollaGuide - CollaGuide™ CollaGuide™ is manufactured with no chemical cross-linking, creating an excellent healing environment for both Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) usage. It is composed of type 1 collagen and is derived from closed-herd bovine sources.

Features & Benefits
  • Translucency makes it easy to place, making any bone graft visible and giving you the opportunity to check at any time;
  • Resilency and flexibility make it easy to handle. When hydrate it can be cut to size and it can be fixed with srtures or tacks if needed; and
  • It is resorbable making second surgery unnecessary to remove the membrane. As the barrier resorbs, a matrix is created that allows fibroblast infiltration and cvellular attachment.
Item Size Description
GO-MEMCG-S 15mm x 20mm CollaGuide Membrane
GO-MEMCG-M 20mm x 30mm CollaGuide Membrane
GO-MEMCG-L 30mm x 40mm CollaGuide Membrane

CollaGuide™ can be used for:
  • Simultaneous use of GBR membrane and implants;
  • Augmentation around implants placed in immediate extraction sites;
  • Augmentation around implants placed in delayed extraction sockets;
  • Localized ridge augmentation for later implantation;
  • Alveolar ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment;
  • Filling of bone defects after root resection, cystectomy, removal of retained teeth;
  • Guided bone regeneration in dehiscence defects; and
  • Guided tissue regeneration procedures in periodontal defects.
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