Broken Endo File Extraction Kit

Broken File Extraction Kit

The GoldenDentTM FS BFE utilizes Transferred Oscillation Technology to safely and effectively remove separated files within the canal. The Intro Kit consists of four (4) flexible micro-thin color coded diamond-dusted probes at various angles to access and remove broken endo files. The probes are at 45°, 75°, 90° and 110° angles for access to each situation. The probes are made of the highest grade stainless steel to prevent any breakage of the instrument tips. The diamond dusted tips simultaneously create a trough between the file and the dentinal wall where the probes will mechanically engage the file fragment. Each probe has a hole at its neck for engagement with a vibrating ultrasonic device. The vibration will pass through and into the probe causing the tips to vibrate and engage the broken file fragment lifting it up and out of the canal, where it can then be easily engaged with forceps for removal. Broken Endo File Extraction Kit