Endo Starter Kit #2

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The Golden Endo Starter Kits are discounted 10% off the regular retail price of the components sold separately making it even more affordable than our already awesome endo pricing. Get started today with GoldenDent Endo.

1 Endo Smart+ Endo Motor
1 Woodpex V Apex locator
5 Packs of our Sterile GoldenTaper Rotary Endo Files - Assorted Pack 25mm (qty 6 per pack)
2 Packs K-File #10, 25mm (qty 6 per pack)
2 Packs K-File #15, 25mm (qty 6 per pack)
1 Pack K-File Assorted Pack #15-40, 25mm (qty 6 per pack)
1 Gutta Percha Assorted Pack (F1/F2/F3) (qty 60 per pack)
1 Paper Points Assorted Pack (F1/F2/F3) (qty 100 per pack)
1 Endo Irrigation Bottle: 5% Sodium Hypochlorite
1 Pack of 27ga side vent irrigation needles (qty 100)
1 Pack 3cc Luer-Lock Endo Irrigation Syringes (qty 100)
1 Epoxy Resin Root Canal Sealer Syringe (4gm)
1 Endo Access Burs - Medium Head (qty 2)
1 Endo Access Burs - Large Head (qty 2)
1 Endo Safe Sider FG Burs (qty 3)
1 Gutta Percha Pluggers (qty 4)

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Starter Kit Pricing $1,201.20

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