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The Woodpecker Ai-Endo Motor is the strongest, most precise, smoothest and smartest brushless endo motor on the market today. The strong power, together with accurate and stable torque output results in efficient root canal preparation. The smooth rotation results in less noise and more comfort for your patients.

The Ai Model is also smart and has a built in Apex Locator. The integrated length determination makes endodontic treatment safer and more efficient. The display allows for real time location of the file in the canal and automatically stops, or reverses, as soon as the file reaches the apical stop to prevent perforation. Auto start and stop functions are also available to enable the motor to automatically start while the file is in the canal and stops when it is out of the canal.

GOLDenTaper Rotary Chart
Dentsply Rotary File Chart
The Woodpecker Ai Endo Motor has many preprogramed parameters by the manufacturer. The current pre-programed settings are as follows, which should be confirmed with the Instructions for Use from your file manufacturer prior to use and selection.

» Woodpecker Motor Pre-Programmed File Parameter
In summary, there are two main differences beyond the beautiful black and gold colors -
1) T-Mode Allows for "watch-winding” (or non-pecking) type motion to safety bypass a ledge; and
2) Increased Speed Option up to 2,500 rpm and as low as 100 rpm.

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