Nazarian Tissue & Degranulation Bur Medium - Qty 5

Nazarian Tissue & Degranulation Bur Medium - Qty 5
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The Dr. Nazarian Osseous Burs from GoldenDent are clinically designed and tested by Dr. Ara Nazarian to effectively and predictably level and shape bone and to remove unwanted granulation tissue in preparation for dental implants and/or dentures. The Complete Intro Kit also contains a highly effective cutting bur for sectioning teeth, to make a “purchase point” for forceps beaks or  to engage root tip picks, as well as to decorticate the bone or demarcation when ridge leveling.  The proven solution to save you time & improve your bone leveling and granulation cleaning process!

Tissue Burs - Available in small, medium and large extended friction grip burs designed to precisely and effectively remove unwanted tissue without grabbing or damaging the surrounding bone to ensure no interference with the graft material.  Easy removal of tissue from extraction site socket that may be difficult to achieve (access) manually with a surgical curette instrument.

Nazarian Tissue & Degranulation Burs Only - Size Medium - Qty 5
Uses per Bur - 40-50 uses

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