Woodpecker LX16 Diode Laser

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Woodpecker LX16: Diode Laser
The Woodpecker LX 16 is a high powered diode laser with 20+ dental applications. The LX 16 is user-friendly with its large intuitive touch screen to easily select the pre-programmed desired procedure. It is reliable with its long lasting lithium battery that lasts up to a week on a single charge, has quick attaching sterile fiber tips, and is priced competitively. The handpiece is ergonomic with an on/off button, and is fully autoclaveable.
Up to 16w (peak power) laser output with wavelength of 976nm and an additional 200mW laser output with wavelength of 650nm. The 976nm is a traditional infrared dental laser. Due to its deep penetration in tissues, it is widely used for the reduction of bacteria in periodontal disease and endodontic diseases.
At the same time, this wavelength is also suitable for high power laser treatment (HPLT) and pain reduction in TMJ.  The 650nm laser mode is used for low-level laser therapy effects. It is also known as the photobiomodulation (PBM) effect. It will contribute to wound healing and bio-stimulation of dental surgery.
  • Dental soft tissue surgery;
  • Endodontic sterilization;
  • Periodontal sterilization;
  • Peri-implantitis;
  • Low-intensity laser therapy;
  • Oral ulcer; and
  • Teeth whitening.
The included LX16 laser tips are as follows in the chart below:
Woodpecker LX16 Diode Laser
The MF tips are single use/disposable the others can be autoclaved. The MF series tips are used for cutting soft tissue. The DT series tips are for therapeutic, pain relief. The Whitening tip is used for whitening.


The Woodpecker LX16 Diode Laser Includes the following - 

  • LX 16 Laser - Qty 1
  • MF2-14 Tip - Qty 2
  • MF2-20 Tip - Qty 1
  • MF3-4 Tip - Qty 3
  • MF3-9 Tip - Qty 3
  • MF4-4 Tip - Qty 3
  • DT15 Tip - Qty 1
  • DT20 Tip - Qty 1
  • DT30 Tip - Qty 1
  • BT8 Tip - Qty 1
  • Whitening Tip - Qty 1
  • Articulating Paper - Qty 1
  • Bending Tool - Qty 1
  • Cutting Pen - Qty 1
  • Remote Interlock Control - Qty 1
  • Goggles - Qty 3
  • Adapter - Qty 1
  • Instruction Manual - Qty 1

» Woodpecker LX16 Laser User Manual


* Please note that this unit does NOT come with a foot pedal switch as you may see advertised for this model outside the USA market. A foot pedal is not available in the USA at this time.

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