Self Clean Air Photography Mirrors Intro Kit (M6)

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Product Includes:

Buccal Double Sided Mirror: Qty 1
Lingual Double Sided Mirror: Qty 1
Occlusal Small: Qty 1
Occlusal Medium: Qty 1
Occlusal Large: Qty 1
Mirror Handles: Qty 2
Air Connections & Tubing Kit: Qty 1
Instructions for Use

Product Highlights

* Self Clean Air Photography Mirrors Use Air to Clean Lens
* Unparalleled Working Photography Visibility Without Distraction
* Easy & Instant Plug & Use Air Connect Options - Easy Set Up
* Autoclaveable Medical-Grade for Optimal Hygiene

Product Description
This patented Self Clean Air Dental Photography Mirror system combines an Ultra High Definition front surface alloy coated mirrors with an industry best reflectance rate of 98% with quick connect air tubing for unparalleled working photography visibility without distraction. The system has two instant plug and use connect options to easily connect the air mirror to your air/water syringe or your dental unit with ease in a few minutes or less without hassle. The quick connect tubing is light-weight and allows for 360 degree free rotation of the handles with minimal drag.

The Dental Mirrors are autoclaveable up to 500 cycles at 135 C.

Easily disconnect the mirrors handles from the air tubing in seconds with the quick connect design. Mirrors can also be used without air flow if this is preferred. See part # M5NA if you prefer mirrors without air clean option.

The photography mirrors come in the following types:

Buccal Double Sided Mirror
Lingual Double Sided Mirror
Occlusal Small
Occlusal Medium
Occlusal Large

Air Dental Mirror system

Product Specifications:

Steam Autoclave Setting ( 275° F / 135° C )

Handle Weight
48.3 g

Air Pressure

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