Curing Lights: The Power to Cure in Just One Second with FlashMax P3

Targeted action of light emitted by curing lights is popular with dentists, since resins which are adhesive chemical compounds are used as fillers during the process of treating cavities or filling root canals. In order to prevent fillings from being removed when a patient is eating, these resins need to be compressed for maximum adhesive ability. The compression must be such that the resin completely adheres to the inner surface of a tooth and curing lights are used for this purpose in dentistry.

A curing light consists of a source of light such as a halogen lamp or LED that is capable of precisely targeting light to a desired location on the tooth. This light, along with other compression techniques helps in boosting the adhering property of dental resin. Historically, a halogen light was used but improvement in medical electronics and dental supplies over the years has greatly made a LED light, UV light and plasma light much more popular among dentists.

As dentists, we are always looking for ways to be faster, make things easier, and to provide better dentistry to our patients. This is the key to bringing down your overhead and making your practice more efficient. In this article, we will be discussing the most powerful light on the market called the FlashMax P3 which is capable of curing up to a 3mm depth in just 1 second!
Curing Lights
FlashMax P3 – Offered by Golden Dental Solutions (in addition to our
revolutionary dental extraction forceps)
In this business time is money and it is really hard to beat a one second cure. As noted by Dr. Christensen in the year 2010 in his published study in the Journal of the American Dental Association, where he discussed the time and money savings when the switch is made to faster lights, such as the FlashMax P3.

The FlashMax P3 cures quickly because of its large amounts of power. The FlashMax P3 uses the very latest and advanced diode technology to emit enormous amounts (4000-6000mW/cm2) of powerful light at useful wavelengths. The FlashMax P3 has four distinct 15W high power diodes which are responsible for generating a much broader spectrum of light than most other LED lights on the market.

Since it has a broad spectrum of light, you do not need different tips to allow you to cure more materials. The FlashMax P3 is so much more powerful than any other LED curing light that it almost should be in the category of the much more expensive plasma arc lights. It is at the top of its class if you have to categorize it in the LED family of curing lights and is more powerful than those that are more expensive. There is simply no more waiting with the FlashMax P3.

When dentist think of faster and more powerful lights, they typically think that such lights may create potentially dangerous amounts of heat in the pulp. The Dental Advisor (September 2009) studied the FlashMax P3 and concluded that there was a zero degree temperature increase within the pulp chamber (3 sec illumination).

Based on the findings of this Dental Advisor study, dentists can be confident that the FlashMax P3 is clinically effective, sensitivity or pulpal death is not an issue, and has all of the many benefits of fast curing, without the previously associated complications with fast curing.

The FlashMax P3 is simple to use, has a cordless design, is light-weight and it is easy to access the posterior regions of the mouth. You can get approximately 200+ cures on a single charge of the battery and it uses the new lithium ion battery technology so it can stay on charger without having to wait for it to die to charge it.

With the FlashMax P3 dentistry just got faster, brighter and much better.

The FlashMax P3 is not sold by your typical dental supplies or dental instruments representative from companies such as Hu-Friedy or Henry Schein, this is only offered in the U.S. by Golden Dental Solutions – Inventors of the Physics Forceps.

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