Clinical Case Of The Month

GoldenDent is actively involved in continuing education (CE) and is extremely proud of our ongoing commitment to training other dentists who wish to excel in the use of unconventional dental techniques to obtain excellent clinical results in their practices. Based on requests of several of our customers and past CE attendees, we often post new and unique clinical cases focusing on various topics including extractions, grafting, implants and much more. Each clinical case will be quickly explained with step-by-step photography to explain and demonstrate the techniques. Please see below the Clinical Case for December 2018 as mentioned in our December Newsletter.

Clinical Case of the Month

Stronger Posterior Restorations, Atraumatic Extraction & Simple Bone Grafting

Dentistry by Dr. Ara Nazarian
Case 8 - Figure 1
Figure 1: Preoperative image of non-restorable maxillary teeth requiring extraction and restoration. Other procedures were also performed in this comprehensive case, but for purposes of example the restorations and one extraction and graft are shown in this case of the month.
Case 8 - Figure 2
Figure 2: Teeth prepared for restoration using Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System and Wagofil Zirconium Infused Posterior Composite. Also shown is non-restorable broken down tooth for extraction.
Case 8 - Figure 3
Figure 3: Wagofil™ Ziconium Infused Posterior Composite is a light-cured, radiopaque composite designed for posterior restorations. The proprietary filler in Wagofil is Zirconia which is known in the dental industry for low wear, increased strength, low shrinkage and high radiopacity.
Case 8 - Figure 4
Figure 4: Depiction of restored teeth.
Case 8 - Figure 5
Figure 5: Atraumatic extraction of maxillary upper right tooth (#5) using the Physics Forceps atraumatic extraction instrument, where the beak engages the lingual aspect of the root and the bumper is placed as high in the vestibule as possible. Without squeezing, the instrument is rotated in a buccal only direction is a slow and constant manner with periods of holding and stopping in between each movement. The instrument operates as an elevator versus as a forceps as the name implies.
Case 8 - Figure 6
Figure 6: Depiction of atraumatic extraction site post extraction using the Physics Forceps upper right instrument.
Case 8 - Figure 7
Figure 7: Since we have a 4-wall defect, the Osteogen Plug is utilized as the bone graft in this case. OsteoGen Plugs are NOT collagen plugs that only act as wound dressing. The OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug combines OsteoGen Bioactive Resorbable Calcium Apatite Synthetic Graft with a bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix to create a structure that mimics the organic and inorganic components of physiologic bone. It is affordable and easy to place for the practitioner.
Case 8 - Figure 10
Figure 8: No membrane is needed with the Osteogen Plug and it is simply cross sutured in place. The site will heal and be ready for implant placement in the near future.