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2015 Course Dates:
February 21, May 2, June 6, August 15, September 19, December 5
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2015 Course Dates:
March 6-7, May 15-16, August 7-8, November 13-14

Rotten Teeth: Why Might a Patient Need a Tooth Extraction?

In general, there are a number of reasons why a dentist might recommend bad teeth to be extracted including the following reasons:
  • Repairing a damaged tooth is not practical in cases such as –
    - Broken, cracked, or extensively decayed teeth;
    - Teeth that are not suitable candidates for root canal treatment; and
    - Teeth associated with advanced periodontal disease (i.e., gum disease).
  • Malpositioned or nonfunctional teeth (e.g., wisdom teeth); and
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment (e.g., braces or other alternatives such as Six Month Smiles treatment).
With many bad teeth an atraumatic extraction may be the most reasonable solution for many patients that have bad teeth that may have extensive decay (dental caries) or that are broken or cracked in such a manner leaving only one solution.

Obviously there are a number of factors that will come into play and will be discussed with the patient, but in many cases the obstacles that may be present in saving the tooth cannot be overcome and a tooth extraction may be the only solution. Also, as we often find with the economic downturn the cost associated with various dental treatment, such as tooth implants, plays a large factor for the patient in whether a tooth extraction should be performed.

In some instances bad teeth may require treatment of the nerve space within the tooth (i.e., a root canal) in order to repair the tooth. Most teeth are viable candidates for a root canal, but there can be complicating factors that would prevent a root canal. If this is the case and a root canal cannot be performed then an atraumatic extraction may be recommended.

By the very definition of advanced periodontal disease (i.e., gum disease) these are teeth whose supporting bone has been damaged. As periodontal disease gets worse for a patient, a tooth is supported by less and less surrounding bone, often to the point where the tooth becomes loose in the socket. In these cases where significant bone damage has occurred by gum disease and a tooth has become excessively loose, an atraumatic extraction may be the only viable solution.

Another reason a tooth extraction may occur is due to malpositioned bad teeth. For example, sometimes wisdom teeth are positioned in a manner that causes a constant source of irritation to the patient’s cheek (by either rubbing against the cheek or causing the person to bite it). Wisdom teeth are typically in a region of the mouth that is hard to clean, which puts greater risk for decay and periodontal disease on surrounding teeth. Removing a nonfunctional tooth such as wisdom tooth may be in a patient’s best long-term interest.

Another type of malpositioned teeth is an impacted tooth where the positioning in the jaw bone is such that the tooth cannot erupt and obtain normal alignment in the mouth – hence the tooth is nonfunctional and is a good candidate for a tooth extraction.

Lastly, when orthodontic treatment is required for a patient, the dentist is attempting to perfect the alignment of the teeth in the mouth, which sometimes is done as the expense of a tooth to make room for such alignment (i.e., have to work in patient jaw size). This is especially an issue when the patient has a large difference between the size of the jaw and the needed space required for the improved alignment of their teeth.

This atricle has outlined some of the reasons for atraumatic extractions of bad teeth, which can be performed with the Physics Forceps. Make sure to ask your dentist for information about the Physics Forceps to make your tooth extraction process simple, predictable and painless! There is no reason to be scared or worried about your tooth extraction when the Physics Forceps are utilized – they work like magic!

Learn more and eliminate tooth extraction frustration forever at and by calling 1-877-987-2284. Atraumatic extractions have never been easier.

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