Dental Root Extraction: GMX 69 Upper Root Tip Extraction System

With your current dental instruments have you ever had an upper broken root tip that took you 40 minutes or more to get out? Or did you have to refer this procedure out of your practice?

From the inventors of the revolutionary Physics Forceps beak and bumper™ design tooth extraction dental instruments we bring to you the next great innovation in performing atraumatic extractions on upper root tips (i.e., bad teeth). The GMX 69 Upper Root Tip Extractions System is for atraumatically extracting upper root tips that are below the gumline.

When you cannot access the tooth with the Physics Forceps (i.e., get a good placement of the beak on the root or tooth), the GMX 69 can extract the root tip without laying a flap or performing surgery. By placing the buccal and lingual elevators between the gum and bone to the end of the root, you create space for the GMX 69 forcep to slowly leverage the broken tooth/root tip out of its socket. With the GMX 69 Upper Root Tip Extractions System traditional oral surgery forceps are not needed and the extraction can occur easily in a matter of minutes.
Dental Root Extraction
GMX 69 – Upper Root Tip Extraction System of
Dental Instruments
Includes: GMX 69, lingual elevator, buccal elevator

The lingual elevator and the buccal elevator were designed as exact replicas of the GMX 69 forcep beaks, where once they are used it allows for the forcep beaks to be placed properly. The elevators have lines on the dental instruments to indicate that you have pushed the elevator far enough in between the gum and the bone.

The elevators must be used prior to using the GMX 69 forcep dental instruments to push the gum back from the bone. Once the elevators are used, the GMX 69 beaks replace where the elevators were located and without squeezing the handles and using only wrist movement the root tip can be removed. The wrist movement is done in a series of movements as outlined in the videos noted below, where it is much easier to understand when seeing in the videos.

To view a video of Dr. Richard Golden discussing the technique involved in using the GMX 69 Upper Root Tip Extraction System please click on the link below.

To view an animation video of the technique involved in using the GMX 69 Upper Root Tip Extraction System please click on the link below.

This is not your ordinary 69 that has been around for a long time – this is a much improved design after years of development and testing by Dr. Richard Golden and his staff. These instruments are to be used only on upper anterior teeth.

Learn more and eliminate tooth extraction frustration forever at and by calling 1-877-987-2284. Atraumatic extractions have never been easier.

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